Armando Souza Caboclo Bom, Trabalhador

Armando Souza, Feitor, chefe da Igreja da Baixinha em Lumiar, shares with us about his life and what the medicine is for us. Coming up soon.
Armando Souza Gomes

2 thoughts on “Armando Souza Caboclo Bom, Trabalhador

  1. my life has been immeasurably changed as a result of the work that you guys have done & continue to do. I pray blessings on you all & your loved ones. and, I pray that this spreads throughout the world to those who are ready & the light shines so brightly that those who are not ready yet begin to hear the call. marcio, thank you for cultivating. elders of Brazil whom I’ve not met on this plane, I know you and love you all and thank you for sharing your culture and I look forward to seeing you all and communing with you & your ancestors in the astral plane — LOVE

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