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Elders of Medicine Traditions Project

[notice type=”support” title=”Ancient Voices” tag=”h4″]“She remembers when the forest was filled with animals. And she remembers when the river ran black with crude oil. She seems to remember everything, [but] Marina is one of the last Cofán women who remember how to sing in the way of her ancestors.”[/notice]

[headline style=”2″ color=”black” tag=”h1″]Our project aims to bring modern relevance, to the life stories and teachings of these ancient voices.[/headline]

As activists and journalists venture to the Amazon to cover human rights violations and environmental injustices, the public, if reached at all, is often exposed to tales of indigenous anger and protest.

But rarely do we set out to explore what we can learn from traditional cultures. Rarely do we fully appreciate the diversity of thought and rich traditions of these remote communities. 

[headline style=”3″ color=”red” tag=”h2″]To allow them to share their wisdom in a time of so much need for new role models and inspiring stories and to preserve this living encyclopedia of life in nature, of hardship and of endurance, and the wisdom gained in the process.[/headline] [animated_button align=”center” animation=”pulse” color=”green” size=”small” text=”Pledge Your Support!” url=””]


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