Voices of the Ancients Project

Elders of Brazil, Columbia and Peru reveal the mysteries of ancient plant-based medicines and healing traditions.

Brining the unknown world of plant-based healing and spirituality as told by the elders who keep the traditions alive
the culture and life stories of the people  in the background of the world wide expansion of shamanic traditions and ayahuasca based spiritual practices. The elders who started it all, their lives, their stories, their families, their faces, their medicine and the message they leave for us in the hopes of a better future.

In all shaman traditions, there are those elders
who become the most known shamans, the healers whose life may become similar to a rock star’s lifestyle. Travel, fame, dinero. And then there are those who hold the traditions, who do the dirty work in the background and who many times go unnoticed, the unheralded heroes of the communities that spawned the spiritual traditions we are now so blessed to experience even here in the northern hemisphere, the white man’s world.

Our project aims to bring to relevance, the life stories and the teachings of those forgotten voices of the forest. To allow them to share their wisdom in a time of so much need for new role models


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