Our Team


Marcio Purusha Dias – Director

Marcio Pmarciourusha, the film’s creator, was only eighteen years old when he had his first Ayahuasca experience. Ayahuasca helped shed light into the darkest corners of Marcio’s soul and he realized that his life’s mission is to live the medicine path. Ayahuasca led Marcio to a community of amazing people who lived life connected to nature and each other. Through this medicine he had found a group of humble folk, true forest shamans, healers, and guides. While working with Ayahuasca communities for over two decades, Marcio has been working to record and document the vast knowledge existing in each of the elders in the rainforest. 

Marcio Purusha is a Brazilian Medicine man who has devoted his life to the medicine path for more than 25 years. Marcio has been very passionate about protecting the rainforest and the people who live in it for most of his life, which was initially the thread that lead him to choose Ayahuasca and the Medicine Path decades ago. He studied under some of the main elders of the Santo Daime tradition of Brazil for 12 years and has been living in the United States for 15, where he facilitates ceremonies through Pachamama Circle and TheVioletRay, a movement he founded in 2007 and which has been growing ever since in North America. Purusha would describe himself not as a shaman or as a healer, although many do call him those things, but as a servant. Here to serve the Light and Carry the Grandmother medicine in his journey throughout the world. He calls himself a “CATMATIC” Person. One who is not Dogmatic … Such is his sense of humor and love for the service to the world and to the Medicine.

Marcio studied film making in college and he carries a strong belief that we can raise awareness and ultimately change the world through media among other things. One of his many goals is to see the Ritual Use of Ayahuasca and all sacred medicine plants be recognized world wide and help humanity achieve its illumination and grow into a more fair and ecological society that respects its elders and lives in more harmony with the earth and its resources.

Miles Mathews- Scriptwriter, Editor

MilesMathewsMiles has a degree from the University of California, Berkeley in fine art and film production. Miles has spent the last five years traveling in the United States and South America working with sacred medicines and holding space and administering sacred medicines. Miles speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese and is an accomplished fine artist with murals around the world. Miles also works as a freelance film maker and short video artist working with visionaries and communities to facilitate art projects and catalyze creative visions.






Tupac Saavedra – Cinematographer, Editor

tupacTupac Mauricio Saavedra is a director of photography, journalist and documentary filmmaker that splits his time between his native home, Bolivia and the United States. In 2004 completed Bolivian Baroque, a 42-minute documentary that aired on European and Bolivian television. During the historic 2005 presidential elections in Bolivia, he followed the campaign of Evo Morales, who went on to become Bolivia’s first indigenous president. His award winning documentary, On the Road With Evo, is a close look at Morales the person and the politician, as well as an examination of the political conditions that brought him into power. In recent years, Tupac has worked as a freelance cameraman and editor, producing documentary shorts for the series Frontline World, Time, Yes Magazine, from India, Cuba, Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia. Tupac has also worked as a cameraman for several award winning documentary producers and independent filmmakers. In 2011 Tupac completed the documentary, My Five Years With Evo. The documentary presents a close look at what happens in Bolivia when the first indigenous president is elected. Tupac received his Masters degree from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Tupac is an award winning director, photographer, journalist, and documentary filmmaker who received a Masters degree from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. Tupac has worked on projects across North and South America relating to indigenous cultures and social changes as a result of connecting the indigenous and modern world.