Plot Outline 

Ancient Voices tells the story of Ayahuasca by answering questions essential to receiving a well-rounded understanding of this sacred tea.

What is Ayahuasca?

         This introduction chapter explains the plants and process of making ayahuasca as well as and spiritual and metaphysical discovery of the ayahuasca tea.

Where did Ayahuasca come from?

This chapter offers a historical and cultural analysis of ayahausca. It explains how ayahuasca’s historical background as well as various myths legends from different ayahuasca tribes.

How is Ayahuasca used?

This chapter explains how Ayhauasca is used as spiritual and physical medicine. It explains Ayahuasca’s affect on the body as well as how different ceremonies and rituals are facilitated through different tribes and traditions. This chapter explains how music and chants are used in ayahuasca sessions and how the shaman and current controls and holds space for the participants.

How has Ayahausca Spread Worldwide?

From its roots in the amazon to its center stage in the entheogenic renaissance, this section explains hows Ayahuasca’s humble beginnings has lead to its contemporary proliferation. This section explains the globalization of ayahausca through the context of a relatively small number of historical figures or institutions responsible the propagation of ayahuasca

Bennifits of Ayahausca

This chapter speaks about the benefits of ayahuasca as a physical medicine to a emotional mental and spiritual stimulus. It talks about how ayahausca is used to understand ones true self and can open up doors to love, insight, peace, wisdom, creativity, compassion, and community.

Power plants and spiritual medicines of the jungle

This chapter deals with other plants and medicines related to ayahuasca and used in union in ceremonies or everyday life. These plants and medicines include, tobacco, rape, sanga, kambo, coca. This chapter explains how these plants and medicines can be alternatives to prescription medicine or street drugs and how they offer a new light and hope for issues and problems plaguing modern day society.


Future of Ayahauasca

This final chapter offers our vision for the future of ayahuasca and our mother earth. This chapter proposes that the future of our earth is dependent on our humanity. Are we going to remain complacent and allow ourselves to be ruled by ignorance, fear, and doubt thereby destroy ourselves, our mother earth, and all of her creatures? Or will we embrace the forest, its gifts, and our own divinity to live the victory for our earth and universe.