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This experience to learn and hear from elders who are very established in a medicine path and life is a special and rare opportunity as any normal encounter with any of these elders alone would be a grand honor and would be a rare occurrence. To have all these elders together in a personal setting speaking very directly to You is what we are offering to You in this Pilot for Ancient Voices.

In addition to this Pilot we are offering various perks and benefits related to our collection of rainforest medicine and ayahuasca experiences. In addition to this dvd pilot, we are offering You a USB thumb drive with our comprehensive library of medicine music we have collected over these years. This library contains medicine music from various ayahausca traditions from all over the world. From Pisac, to Pucallpa, Putumayo, to Maranhao, Mapia, Rio, Mexico, Hawaii, California, India and the Sea, Sun, Moon, and Stars; this beautiful collection is sure to sooth your ears through its sweet melodies and shake you silly with its penetrating hymns.

In addition to this library of music this drive we are offering will also included footage that did not make it into our dvd pilot, rare photos of history and art form these ayahausca communities and other documentaries we have found related to ayahuascsa and the amazon jungle. We are offering this campaign to You not only to keep you informed with what we have been up to, but also to ask for your help to further support Ancient Voices at this time.

Recently we have submitted our Pilot to be screened for the first time to the public at the 2nd World Ayahausca conference in Rio Branco, Brazil. By supporting our film through this campaign, you will be helping us cover the costs need for our travels down to Brazil to present the film, our trips to gather more footage and medicines, and our dreams to further this project and our role in the salvation and expansion of the Amazon Jungle. So, thank you so for your help over these years, we are so honored that you have been willing to offer your hard earned energy in exchange for this energy that we have work so hard and are so honored to present. A very warm hug from our team here at Ancient Voices and Queen of the Forest. May the forest be with you.

Sincerely, Ancient Voices Team



Product Description

Ancient Voices DVD Pilot Campaign Ancient Voices Documentary Film team is proud to present to you a DVD of our new Pilot. Our team has been working very hard these past months to produce this Pilot, and we are very happy with this comprehensive material. In this 20 minute episode you see and feel what it means to live in the Amazon and experience the medicine from the heart of the Jungle. This pilot includes personal interview form elders such as Kashinawa medicine man Txai Tuwe, Xamanismo leader and Reazdor Leo Artesé, Colombian and NAC leader Mao Tanka, and Daime Madrinha and Ethobotanist Vera Fróes. These elders explain different aspects of Ayahausca and how She and other rainforest medicines are spreading worldwide in the expansion of the Amazon and the current global entheogenic Renaissance we are experiencing.

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Why Support Ancient Voices

The Ancient Voices Project is a crucial and timely effort to preserve and bring light to the hidden people and culture behind the expansion of Ayahuasca traditions in the world.


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