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Inform society
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[headline style=”6″ color=”black” tag=”h3″]Be Changed, Bring Change[/headline]

[headline style=”4″ color=”black” tag=”h1″]Ancient Voices takes a bold leap forward by directly linking documentary film producers and audiences with the social entrepreneurship community. In this full circle relationship, investors support the making of the film, filmgoers support the launching of a social enterprise, community members create profitable businesses, and sustainably harvested rainforest products are then sold on global markets.[/headline]

Powerful documentary films have the unique ability to transport us to distant realities and expand our perception of the world. Emotions run high, as we empathize with those in need and rejoice with those who succeed against the odds.

Whether we are persuaded by Al Gore of an Inconvenient Truth, or witness the extreme artistry of Man on Wire we are invariably changed by the documentary experience.

After the film we rise from our seats eager to discuss new understandings with friends. A few of us are compelled to “do something,” but often struggle to figure out exactly how to engage. Before we know it, the energy evoked through the film fades and our own lives rush back into focus.

So as filmmakers, we asked ourselves how could we could make better use of these powerful emotions? What could we do to bring lasting benefits to the communities and people of Ancient Voices?

Filmgoers join forces directly with the elders to support research, sustainable harvesting and fair trade of rainforest resources.

With the rise of social media and the preference for video content online we have seen advocacy organizations attempt to bridge the gap. Videos are developed to inspire audiences to sign petitions or make donations. And in the case of Disney Nature, a portion of proceeds are donated directly to an environmental non profit.

Filmgoers not only enjoy the film, but they feel a strong sense of connecton and passion toward a brand they helped put on the shelf. This connection with the people behind the product will create immediate brand loyalty and provide fodder for word of mouth recommendations.

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