Narrative Synopsis

Ancient Voices: Elders of the Amazon is a feature-length documentary film project that aims to bring relevance to Amazonian plant medicine communities and their traditions.

Ancient Voices features the elders of these communities recounting their experiences of living in harmony with Mother Nature and the teachings they have received from master plants of the forest.

Ancient Voices focuses on the ritual and medicinal use of Ayahuasca, a medicinal plant that originates from the Amazon, and how its use has become increasingly popular throughout the world.

Ancient Voices reveres the use of Ayahuasca by giving insight into the lives of the simple and humble people who use Ayahuasca as a source of healing, divination, and insight. Ayahuasca helps these individuals remain whole and commune with the earth and the plant world while also aiding in solving the many challenges of life in their communities. This project will help elucidate the questions that the masses have about this plant. The purpose of Ancient Voices is to demystify the myth of Ayahuasca as a hidden secret that only a few shamans have, but instead, as a plant teacher that people of all ages can partake in and harness the healing, connective, and shamanic powers that Ayahuasca has to offer.

The stories from these elders can inspire and transform the youth of today. By giving the juvenescent population inspiration and hope for the generations to come, humanity can learn to live in harmony with one another and respect nature. Each of the stories presented in this film will inspire, awaken, and transform the people of today.

Ancient Voices will share the stories of these elders and their communities by utilizing images of captivating scenery, exclusive footage of secluded ceremonies, interviews from venerable medicinal elders, recordings of astral-inspired prayers and songs, special effects, and a story whose Amazonian seed now ripples in hearts worldwide. The film will pose several questions about what Ayahuasca is, what is the role of medicine in western society and what these elders have to contribute, and then seek to provide a new perspective on these issues.

Ancient Voices project tells the story of ayahuasca and other plant-based plant based medicines told by the elders who keep the traditions alive. The project shares the culture and life stories of the people behind the worldwide expansion of shamanic traditions and ayahuasca related spiritual practices. These are the elders who started it all, their lives, their stories, their families, their faces, their medicine and the message they leave for us in the hopes of a better future.